At times, the past and the present come together to create something sublime. This is the case in the area of Sorbara, situated in the Modenese lowlands in the centre of the Emilia-Romagna region, where history bears out the suitability of the choice of vocation still practised by the descendants of the Casolari family today.

The company was established in around 1600, when Primo Casolari founded the winery and devoted himself to the production of extraordinary wines produced from primitive autochthonous vines and to the planting of new Lambrusco grape varieties.

Now, the Casolari family run the company with passion and love, and are always rewarded by high quality results. Moreover, it's the conviction that quality is not something that can be improvised but something that is built through hard work that makes Casolari wines what they are.

In the calm silence of the winery, the ancient wisdom of the land meets the experience of the enologist Casolari Cav. Uff. Primo and that of his children Roberto and Roberta. They patiently follow the process taking place in the winery casks until the desired aromas have developed, where the colours, scents and atmosphere of the region of Modena are best expressed and embody the highest class the area has to offer.

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